2019 Seminar Topics


Monday October 21, 2019

Session 1 – The Importance of ridden exercise in lameness diagnosis and assessment of poor performance.

  • Case based discussion – to include stumbling

Session 2 – Can we determine the presence of musculoskeletal pain by the behavior of ridden horses?

  • Other factors – teeth grinding, respiratory rate and noise
  • Case examples

Session 3 – Is ossification of the ungular cartilages of clinical significance?

  • Case based discussions

Session 4 – How do we determine if thoracolumbosacral pain is primary or secondary?

                      – The influence of saddle fit on performance


Tuesday October 22, 2019

Session 5 – Diagnosis and management of hindlimb proximal suspensory desmopathy.

  • Case examples

Session 6 – The influence of rider weight on equine performance – a pilot study.

  • Case example

Session 7 – Lameness related to the neck – can include lameness at the walk and stumbling.

Session 8 – Sacroiliac joint region pain: a diagnostic and therapeutic challenge.


Schedule subject to change