2022 Seminar Topics

Day 1  – October 31, 2022

Session 1 – Dr. Knottenbelt

  • In Depth Sarcoid
  • In Depth Melanoma

Session 2 – Dr. Bladon

  • The complications of Nerve Blocks. Difficult to do, difficult to interpret, and downright misleading.
  • Xrays with foot fetlock lameness. A complete waste of time, effort and money? Trying to figure out “What’s What!” in lower limb lameness.

 Session 3 – Dr. Knottenbelt

  • In depth Carcinoma
  • In depth Lymphom

Session 4  Dr. Bladon

  • The Stifle: Everything that we know and think we know. How to figure it out.
  • The Pre-purchase exam. What could possibly go wrong?


Day 2 – November 1, 2022

Session 5 – Dr. Knottenbelt  

  • Other tumours you may encounter
  • Pastern dermatitis

Session 6 – Dr. Bladon  

  • The Digital Flexor Tendon Sheath: including non septic disease and the management of tendon sheath wounds and injuries

Session 7 – Dr. Knottenbelt 

  • In depth Immune Mediated Disorders of the skin
  • In depth pruritus

Session 8 – Dr. Bladon   

  • Surgery: A dangerous game. Everything you need to know about the history, risks, advancements of standing surgical procedures. Where do antibiotics play into the equation?

Presentations and times subject to change